I was 11 when I wrote my first line of code. I had just heard of the language C (Rust definitely didn’t exist), had no idea what a compiler was, and had never heard the word “startup”. By fifteen - a few thousand lines later - I knew I was bitten by the software bug and that I wanted to build my career as a software/systems engineer and be heavily involved in startups and the business around tech.

Technology has the ability to extend our personal power. The internet allows us to be everywhere and see everything. Our computers make us smarter, faster and more productive and our mobile devices let us do all of this all the time. These pieces of tech have become so engrained in our lives that many of us can’t imagine a world without them.

This theme of advancing our capabilities is what drives me and makes me so excited. It is common in everything I do, from my work as an engineer, to business ventures, personal projects, and especially this blog.