Theme for 2018: Adaptability

Jan 7, 2018 · 444 words · 3 minutes read adaptability reflection yearly-theme

For 2017 I decided I wasn’t going to make any New Year resolutions. Instead, I chose a theme for the year: leadership.

The point of this was to focus on a specific aspect of to improve. then, throughout the year the aim would be to take opportunities, study up and gain experiences with the intention of improving the theme.

So, for 2018, the theme I have chosen is adaptability.

I started out thinking of adaptability as the dictionary definition:

The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

And for the most part this encapsulates what I want to improve. But I thought it better to break this definition down into two more specific parts: aligning, and centering.

Aligning focuses on the goal that matters most in a given moment, and shifting time and resources to achieve it.

This means being more present in the moment. So that when I’m working on something, I’m not diverting half my attention to thinking about the next task on my todo list. Yet, it is also about knowing when to stop working on the current task and move to the next. To avoid completing something for the sake of seeing it through.

Centering focuses on increasing my awareness of both my internal state: body and emotions, and my external state: situation and surroundings.

Both are balancing acts of each other, and within each individually. There needs to be stability of focusing on the aligned task, and being aware of my current state. And there needs to be stability within aligning: of thinking and acting, and within centering: of internal and external.

The Importance of Adaptability

The point of improving adaptability is to ensure that my efforts and resources are going towards something of impact.

Around the middle of 2017 I noticed that I was working all the time, but most of what I was doing had little return. It was essentially busywork.

And I found this to be destructive. Not only did it make me less motivated and more stressed, but it also blurred the line between work and relaxation.

I couldn’t relax because I always felt I had more work to do. And when I did finally catch up with friends and they asked me how I was, my response would usually be “I’ve been so busy.”

I started focusing on improving this over the last few months of this year. And even with a little bit of effort, the results have been life changing.

By dedicating a year towards this improvement, I aim to be more focused, more driven, and more impactful and be able to help and inspire others to do the same.